Looking for odd engine parts?
call us and we'll see what's available.

Clutch slipping?
Call us for new or rebuilt clutch parts.

Seat shot? Interior falling apart?
We can help you there, too.

Painting your favorite tractor?
No matter what color it is, call us for decals, parts, and supplies to help make it look great!

Dumb question?
There are no dumb questions, just ask.

Schwantes Farm Repair
We care for your equipment.
Parts and Service

  Schwantes Farm Repair has replacement machinery parts available for many applications of tractors, combines, skid steer, industrial, and more!  We also have parts and supplies for tractor and machinery repair at our Bloomington store.  We have the experience to help you with your needs.  Stop in and see what we have to offer!  You can be confident in our work. 
Our dealerships include: 
             A&I Products
, TISCO, HY-Capacity, Herschel
, Steiner Tractor Parts, plus more!
            We are a distributor for engine parts for ag, industrial, and specialty applications.